Wednesday, June 17, 2009

JUNE 17/'09/Home in the Bronx/the only place they don't let the press in is the SOVIET UNION /Henry MADDEN said that/ My life remains difficult and

  • Across the six o'clock news it reads ;artist dead/we know this guy/he was kind to us. We cower in the corner. this week hit hard/the election/ the general kicking in/ the the financial recession/We spend money/induce/rejoice/celebrate the safety of our family. I watch the new babies stand up on their own. I realize the difficulty of our family. We have maintained a network of voice. Back in the Bronx leaves us cold/the car is in danger/we have backed ourselves in to a corner/no community/ no prestige. We flounder through/look to the canal/retreat/our comfort zone. I wait on the street for you to finish up/you are tired and without hope. It has been a long time in the trenches/our arms are ripped out/we are blocked from the sun.

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