Tuesday, June 23, 2009

BACK IN THE Bronx/ gonna take it fa a ride/this day gonna bring me riches

So we run he remembers when he jumped through the glass window on the beach in La MACAZA the hill.....Benny says-don't run ma-


  1. Elaine Eden Holhman died and in her home she enjoyed the riches and husband/children and grandchildren who she adored-She loves her daughter-in-laws and nestled in for the lon ride home.

    1. All her life she helped people with their problems-her higher consciousness brought their problems to the bsurface-she works it-unlocks the problems lets breath take over-Elaine Eden Hohlman-

  2. I am seven yrs and we are in Westchester,Cty-my Uncle throws me off a pier and says Sink or Swim-later my Aunt E consols me-she was a protector-I was in a funk or beaten at home-here she is to rationalize that things are better than they seem-