Thursday, May 28, 2009

4 foot Indian Doll

4 foot Indian Doll

Handmade dools by Fracny Stoller

Handmade dolls by Francy Stoller. Textile


Mixed media sculpture by Artist Stephen Stoller

Toy Room

Any and everything is for sale including the entire building with all content.

90 main sits on the 12th lock of the 12 locks of Lake Champlain. This is a picture from the canal room looking over the lock and into the other side of Whitehall, NY.

Some items in the building are sold,therefore; excluded from sale.

Francy maintains the right to withdraw from sale at anytime before contracts are signed.

Compositions of composition dolls

Old dolls, New dolls, broken dolls, pieces of dolls, pictures of dolls, white dolls, black dolls, indian dolls, asian dolls, clean dolls.

Portrait of Francy, by husband Stephen Stoller

Portrait of Francy, Sculpture by Husband; Stephen Stoller. (clay casted)

For more information call 518.499.2104

If you are interested in a specific item or if you want to buy the entire building with all content please call to discuss.